Friday, April 26, 2019

Case study on British Broadcasting Company (BBC) Essay

Case study on British Broadcasting Company (BBC) - Essay typeThe BBC or the British Broadcasting Company is the leading broadcasting association in the world. It is a connection service broadcaster recognized by a Royal Charter and funded by the households who pay the endorse fees. The proceeds from the license fees atomic number 18 used by the BBC to provide services that include eight subject field television channels along with other regional channels, ten radio stations at the discipline level, forty radio stations at the local level and a wide-ranging website. Services be broadcasted by the BBC through the radio, the television, and also online, providing news and information to its customers on 32 different languages. These are funded by grants provided by the government and not from the fees obtained from licenses. BBC worldwide is the commercial arm of the BBC. The profits earned from the BBC worldwide are returned to the BBC which in turn gets invested in new programs and services (BBC, 2011). The study of this case includes a research and abbreviation on one of the largest media confederation in the world. For this purpose the British Broadcasting Company has been chosen as the organization for study. The report would look into the aims, objectives and strategies of the company, the history and the organizational structure of the company, the companys media activities related to the wider media framework, its reinforcement and accounting details, employees and their different roles played in the organization as well as the career prospects, the humans relations maintained by the company, a SWOT analysis of the organization thus analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats represented by the company, and the future planning and prospect of the organization in the media industry. Aims and Objectives of the Organization Mission of the company The mission of the company is to enrich peoples lives with programmes and services t hat inform, educate and entertain (BBC, 2011). Vision of the company The vision of the company is to be the closely creative organization in the world (BBC, 2011). Values of the company (BBC, 2011) The company believes that trust is the basic groundwork of the company. The members of this organization believe to be autonomous, unprejudiced and truthful. The main focus of the company remains on its earreach whose satisfaction counts the most for the success of the organization. Quality and delivery are given utmost value as the company takes pride in the value that it provides. The most important feature of the

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